Beauty in little spring

The most beautiful things about nature is you can look at small things and still see magic and beauty of it, you don’t have to see the field or garden of flowers to see something pretty.
Even one flower when looked up close can show much more than thousands of the same flowers.
When you look at one you see all details, veins, live in it, when you look at all of them you see beauty but you missing the details.
Sometimes real beauty is in quality not quantity, it goes to nature but also to people, things, everything.
Less often means more if you know where or how to look at it.

Above you can see dandelion, when I was a kid I adore them so much, I loved squat on the ground and look close up at all details and then blow them up and look at their windy dance moves. Dad always made fun of m that I’m spreading their seeds around our  house but I didn’t care, I lived in a magical captivated moment of dance.

This very vivid flowers are quince, I’m hoping at least we get few fruits this season, tea with quince is definitely rich in flavor ❤

I’m not much of flower person when it comes to names, so I don’t know what they are, tips for you they are super small, one flower is smaller than nail.

There is sth in white flowers which I love, maybe it is purity look or sth fresh and clean but definitely sth more mysterious than colorful ones.

Little suns for the end of my post to bright your upcoming days!



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