Upside down sky

One of my favorite theme for photography is sky, I’m hoping to have a chance to travel somewhere with more open space to see and capture different skies.
There is something so majestic in sky, it’s like dreaming in reality and never turning back.
I made a long time a ago a small project and turn upside down my sky’s photos.
The idea same from the time when I actually saw sky upside down and noticed
it looks even more awesome and mysterious than usual one.

Below two completely different skies in clouds shape and colors, both session where done during sunset.

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Beauty in little spring

The most beautiful things about nature is you can look at small things and still see magic and beauty of it, you don’t have to see the field or garden of flowers to see something pretty.
Even one flower when looked up close can show much more than thousands of the same flowers.
When you look at one you see all details, veins, live in it, when you look at all of them you see beauty but you missing the details.
Sometimes real beauty is in quality not quantity, it goes to nature but also to people, things, everything.
Less often means more if you know where or how to look at it.

Above you can see dandelion, when I was a kid I adore them so much, I loved squat on the ground and look close up at all details and then blow them up and look at their windy dance moves. Dad always made fun of m that I’m spreading their seeds around our  house but I didn’t care, I lived in a magical captivated moment of dance.

This very vivid flowers are quince, I’m hoping at least we get few fruits this season, tea with quince is definitely rich in flavor ❤

I’m not much of flower person when it comes to names, so I don’t know what they are, tips for you they are super small, one flower is smaller than nail.

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Apple tree blossom

This time I’m bringing you a apple tree blossom, so happy despite the old weather it bloomed, when I was taking photos I was surrounded by buzzy bee sounds ❤
Love it so much, it is not my first time taking photos with bess on my side and they always so cooperative, never been stung in my life, plus even if I was, it is not their fault, so perfect synergy so far.
Compare to my blooming cherry photos these turned out a bit more darker, less bluish. Enjoy!

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Cherry blossom

Spring reaching out even further, despite the fact that it was snowing last week. It finally got warmer and out cherry started to bloom, sadly the flowers aren’t so full and beautiful as normally due to jumpy weather but nothing can kill the sweet smell of blooming flowers. If you ever once stop and smell blooming cherry flowers you know exactly what I’m talking about. Without further writing, please enjoy few of my photos and I hope you will find time to stop and enjoy beauty of nature around you no matter where you live.

Take a moment and see the beauty around you!

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Finally it’s spring

Spring finally knock knock to my town, it was seriously so cold nowadays with no sun and just gloomy weather. I love dark and gray colors outside, they have sth sad but at the same time relaxing in its own gloominess,  but it is really a time for a fresh green colors and beauty of spring.

So far I only managed to took two good shots of blooming trees and luckily met a ladybug, I’m guessing super old ladybug with more than 12 dots on her wings.
Sadly she or he run off while I was taking photos so I only manage to capture its side view.

Can’t wait to see what’s more spring will bring this year in my little town and maybe I’ll be blessed with opportunities to go somewhere else and take some pretty photos.
Stay warm my readers ❤️

Do all things with love

Took me a while to realized the obvious true of life that love is the most important part of life.  I’m not only talking about love as romantic term, but in wholeness of meaning: self-love, love for the world, for other people just because they are here not because they love us in return, just free sharing of love because we-all are wonderful individuals and what is the most amazing thing we can share with each other the feeling of love.
Love beat any negative feelings and emotions from hate, emptiness, sadness, pain, rage, vengeance etc. just sometimes we are to scared to share this love even with ourselves, some of us were taught that love is a weakness and serve no purpose to live and achieve sth.
My family taught me love but I never believed in it, I always questioned that loving anything even myself is the biggest weakness, I was wrong.
I’m on my way to find that true love inside of me, it is not easy task but day by day
I’m noticing it is possible to do – we just have to give it a try and believe in it.
Living in negativity won’t serve us any purpose in long run except feeling temporary secured in our comfort zone, which if you look closer is sth that hurts you constantly
and  you’re staying in there only because it is familiar to you,
because you are scared of unknown, not because it is comfortable!!!!

So my final shut out to anyone who would come across this post, you can find dozen articles
on-line about self-love and how to be full of love so my only advice to you
is “Don’t give up” and “Do all things with love” and sooner than later you will see your world become more colorful and more full of life than even before.

(Photo I posted above I took a while ago – it is a main page of one of my notebooks)

Shine brighter

“Don’t lose hope my dear friend.. even tho u feel like the world around u is dark and u cant see or feel anything.. always believe that you are the light and try to shine brighter than ever <3333”

You always are your own solutions to your own problems but when you know someone close is there for you, it always gets easier.